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Mesh Chair with Synchronized Sliding Seat Mech - 1D Soft Pad Arm-Bondai Black Fab

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Keep your cool with our Mesh-Backed Task Chair—an ideal choice for comfort and functionality. This chair is equipped with a back bar and height-adjustable arms, providing versatility to suit your preferences and needs during work or study sessions.

  • Torsion Control: The chair is designed with torsion control, allowing you to adjust the tilt mechanism to your liking, enhancing comfort during extended use.
  • Mesh and Fabric Seat: The black mesh and fabric seat combination not only adds a sleek aesthetic but also provides breathability and comfort for a more enjoyable seating experience.
  • Height-Adjustable Arms: The height-adjustable arms offer customization to your preferred armrest position, promoting ergonomic support and reducing fatigue.


  • Design: Task chair with a mesh back for enhanced breathability.
  • Arms: 1D (One-dimensional) arms that are height-adjustable for personalized comfort.

Stay cool and comfortable during your work or study sessions with this Mesh-Backed Task Chair, equipped with features that prioritize both functionality and style.


Width: 670; Depth: 630;  Height: 945 - 1065;

Seat Height: 430 - 550; Seat Width: 480; Seat Depth: 470;

Back Height: 540; Back Width: 450;