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Monza - Circular Poseur Table 800mm with Central Circular Cutout 80mm

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Upgrade your conference room with our tech-friendly circular poseur table, designed for versatility and modern functionality. The 80mm circular cutout is tailored to accommodate cost-effective Ion power modules, ensuring seamless integration, and creating a dynamic environment with integrated power and data capabilities.

  • Versatile Table Design: Our circular poseur table is crafted for versatility, offering users a comfortable dining position for eating or providing a dynamic space for collaborative discussions.
  • Integrated Power and Data: The 80mm circular cutout is purpose-built for Ion power modules. Easily drop the power modules into position, with cables hard-wired into them. These cables feed down through the hollow table column and under the base to the floor, offering an integrated power and data solution.
  • Customizable Finishes:
    • Choose from a variety of finishes to match your aesthetic preferences:
      1. Table Tops: 25mm options available in beech and white.
      2. Base and Column: Available in black, brushed steel, and white.
  • Circular Poseur Design: The table features an 800mm circular top with an 80mm circular central cutout, providing a sleek and contemporary design suitable for modern conference rooms.
  • Brushed Steel Base: The flat circular base with a hollow column is available in brushed steel, contributing to a sophisticated and modern aesthetic.

Revolutionize your conference room design by incorporating our circular poseur table with integrated power and data capabilities. Embrace a tech-friendly environment that seamlessly combines style with functionality for a cutting-edge workspace experience.


Height: 1110; Width: 800; Depth: 800;