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Orion - Mesh Back Operator Chair

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The Orion fabric mesh operators chair, also known as Odin, is designed with ergonomics and user well-being in mind.

  • Contemporary Mesh Back Design: The chair features a contemporary mesh back design, providing ventilation and support. Mesh upholstery is known for its breathability, making it suitable for long hours of use.
  • Black Deep Padded Fabric Seat: The seat is deep padded and upholstered in black fabric, ensuring comfort during extended periods of sitting. The waterfall front design promotes better circulation and reduces pressure on the legs.
  • Gas Height Adjustment: The gas height adjustment feature allows users to easily adjust the chair's height to their preferred level. This customization ensures that the chair accommodates various desk heights and user preferences.
  • Pivot Style Arms: The chair is equipped with pivot style arms, providing additional support to the user's upper body. This feature enhances comfort, especially during tasks that require arm support.
  • Black 5-Star Base: The chair is supported by a black 5-star base, offering stability and durability. The choice of a 5-star base ensures even weight distribution and prevents tipping.
  • User Weight Tension Control: The user weight tension control feature allows users to adjust the tension of the chair according to their body weight. This ensures that the chair reclines smoothly and provides optimal support.
  • Knee Tilt Adjustment: The knee tilt adjustment feature enhances the chair's flexibility, allowing users to tilt the seat and backrest simultaneously. This movement can promote a more relaxed sitting posture.
  • Ergonomically Designed for Healthy Seating: The chair is specifically designed to support healthy seating and overall well-being. Ergonomic design considerations focus on maintaining good posture and preventing discomfort during prolonged use.
  • Suitable for Any Work Space: The versatile design of the chair makes it suitable for various workspaces, adapting to different office environments and configurations.
  • Injection Moulded Back: - The injection-moulded back provides structural integrity and ensures consistent support. This type of construction contributes to the chair's durability.

In summary, the Orion fabric mesh operators chair (Odin) offers a contemporary and ergonomic solution for users seeking comfort and support in a work chair. With features like mesh upholstery, adjustable components, and a focus on healthy seating, it aims to enhance the overall well-being of individuals in a work setting.


Width: 630; Depth: 610; Height: 895-995;

Seat Height: 440-540; Seat Width: 480; Seat Depth: 500;

Back Height: 500; Back Width: 470;