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Otis coffee table 600mm diameter with chrome pyramid base

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The Otis seating collection offers a sophisticated and stylish solution for office reception or waiting areas.

  • Sophisticated Design Styling: Otis features sophisticated design styling, creating a contemporary and visually appealing profile. The design incorporates voluminous curves, contributing to a soft and stylish overall aesthetic.
  • Upholstered Tub Style Chair: The seating collection includes an upholstered tub-style chair characterized by angled sides. This design not only enhances the visual appeal but also offers a relaxing and comfortable seating solution.
  • Diagonal Four-Legged Chrome Frame: The distinctive feature of the Otis coffee table is its diagonal four-legged chrome frame. This design choice adds a modern and dynamic element to the overall look of the table, creating a cohesive design language with the accompanying chair.
  • Matching Coffee Table: The coffee table is designed to complement the Otis seating collection perfectly. This matching feature ensures a cohesive and coordinated appearance in reception or waiting areas.
  • 25mm MDF Top: The coffee table comes with a 25mm MDF top. The material is available in white or summer oak finishes, providing options to match different interior design schemes.
  • Ideal for Reception or Waiting Areas: The Otis coffee table is ideal for placement in reception or waiting areas. This suggests that it is well-suited for creating inviting and stylish lounge spaces within office environments.
  • Polished Chrome Finish: The four-legged frame features a polished chrome finish. This finish adds a touch of sophistication and contributes to the modern aesthetic of the coffee table.
  • Floor Protectors: The four-legged chrome frame is equipped with floor protectors. This practical feature helps prevent damage to floors and ensures the longevity of both the coffee table and the flooring.
  • Straight Edge Stained to Match Top: The straight edge of the coffee table is stained to match the colour of the top. This attention to detail enhances the overall design cohesiveness and creates a unified look.

In summary, the Otis coffee table is designed to complement the Otis seating collection with its sophisticated styling, distinctive chrome frame, and matching features. It is a versatile and stylish addition to reception or waiting areas, providing both functionality and aesthetic appeal.


Height: 420, Width: 600, Depth: 600;