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Oyster - Foldable Mesh Chair with Upholstered Folding Arms

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The Oyster folding mesh chair is a stylish and versatile seating solution designed for convenience in spaces where flexibility is key.

  • Folding Design: The Oyster chair is designed with a folding mechanism, allowing it to be easily folded down and stored away after each use. This feature is especially useful in environments where space is at a premium.
  • Independently Foldable Arms: The upholstered and padded arms of the chair can be folded up independently. This provides flexibility for users to choose their preferred armrest position and allows for additional space-saving when necessary.
  • Fixed Lumbar Support: The chair features fixed lumbar support, providing ergonomic comfort and promoting healthy seating postures during extended periods of use.
  • Generously Padded Seatpad: To enhance comfort, the chair is equipped with a generously padded seatpad. The ample cushioning contributes to a more comfortable seating experience throughout the day.
  • Mesh Back Upholstery: The back of the chair is upholstered with mesh material. Mesh upholstery offers breathability, which can be particularly beneficial for maintaining comfort over extended periods.
  • Striking White Back Shell and Frame: The chair features a striking white back shell and frame. This design choice adds a modern and clean aesthetic to the chair, making it visually appealing in various settings.
  • Matching White Nylon Base with Castors: The chair is supported by a white nylon base with castors. The castors provide mobility, allowing users to move the chair easily within a space.
  • All-Day Use (5-8 hours): The Oyster folding mesh chair is designed for all-day use, making it suitable for environments where individuals may be seated for extended periods, such as offices or meeting rooms.
  • Weight Capacity (110kg): The chair has a weight capacity of 110kg, ensuring durability and suitability for a range of users.

In summary, the Oyster folding mesh chair combines practicality with style, offering a space-saving folding design, independently foldable arms, lumbar support, generous padding, mesh back upholstery, and a modern aesthetic with a white frame and base. Its versatility and comfort make it well-suited for various settings where flexibility and convenience are essential.


Seat width: 480; Seat depth: 480; Seat height: 475-575;

Back width: 450; Back height: 530;

Folded height: 670-780;