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Roma - Square Dining Table with 4 Leg Chrome Base

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Introducing the Roma Dining Table, a versatile and stylish addition to any dining space, be it in the office canteen or cafeteria. This table is designed with a focus on stability, simplicity, and adaptability, providing a comfortable and functional dining experience.

  • Sturdy Aluminium Table Base: The dining table boasts an incredibly sturdy and reliable aluminium table base, ensuring durability and stability for various dining settings.
  • Polished Chrome Four-Legged Base: The stable four-legged base features a polished chrome finish, adding a touch of modern elegance to the table's design.
  • Adjustable Feet for Stability: The base of the table is equipped with adjustable feet, allowing you to easily level the table and prevent wobbling on uneven floors.
  • 25mm Table Top: The table top is crafted with a 25mm thickness, providing a robust and durable surface for dining activities.
  • Versatile Circular Design: The circular design of the aluminium dining table, coupled with the chrome leg design, creates a versatile and adaptable piece suitable for various applications.
  • Variety of Table Top Finishes: Choose from a range of table top finishes, including beech, grey oak, oak, walnut, and white, allowing you to match the table to your existing decor or design preferences.
  • Uncomplicated Design for Exceptional Stability: The Roma Dining Table features an uncomplicated design that prioritizes exceptional stability, making it an ideal choice for diverse dining environments.
  • Comfortable Dining Position: The adaptable design of the table ensures that users can enjoy a comfortable dining position, enhancing the overall dining experience.

Enhance your dining space with the Roma Dining Table, where functionality meets style. Whether used in a corporate canteen, cafeteria, or any dining area, this table is sure to provide a reliable and aesthetically pleasing solution for your needs. Choose a dining table that combines durability, versatility, and a touch of sophistication to elevate your dining experience.


Height: 750; Width: 800; Depth 800;