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Eco 18 Bookcase - 1 Shelf

Original price £165.00 - Original price £170.00
Original price
£165.00 - £170.00
Current price £165.00

The item described is a set of shelves with an attractive and clean style, designed with an emphasis on cost-effectiveness. Here are its key features:

  • Shelf Thickness: The shelves and backs of this unit are constructed with 18mm thickness, providing durability and stability.
  • Fixed Shelves: The shelves are fixed in place, meaning they cannot be adjusted or repositioned. This design simplifies the construction and reduces costs.
  • Wood Finishes: The unit is available in specific wood finishes that match the Eco 18 range. These finishes include Bavarian Beech, Sorano Oak, and White, allowing you to choose the one that complements your existing furniture or office decor.

This set of shelves is designed to provide a cost-effective storage solution with a clean and attractive style. It's suitable for various environments where a simple and economical shelving unit is needed.