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Festival Black Coatsand

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The coat and umbrella stand you've described is a versatile and stylish solution for keeping the office organized and free from clutter.

  • Organization and Clutter-Free Office: The stand provides a designated place to store coats, hats, bags, and umbrellas, helping to keep the office space neat and organized.
  • Versatile and Stylish Design: The stand is designed to be versatile and stylish, making it a functional yet aesthetically pleasing addition to the office environment.
  • Coat Storage: It offers ample hooks at various heights and sizes, providing a convenient storage solution for coats. The wide clothing-friendly hooks ensure that garments can be hung without causing damage.
  • Umbrella Storage: The stand is equipped to hold umbrellas, keeping them accessible yet out of the way. This feature is particularly useful for maintaining a clean and tidy appearance in the office.
  • Handy for Personal Items: Instead of bundling coats into cupboards or closets, the stand offers a more accessible and user-friendly approach to storing personal items.
  • Colour and Material: The stand comes in a sleek black colour, adding a touch of sophistication to the office space. The material used is metal, ensuring durability and stability.

A coat and umbrella stand with these features provides a practical solution for maintaining order in the office, accommodating the storage needs of both employees and visitors. Its design considerations, such as wide clothing-friendly hooks and a stylish black colour, contribute to its functionality and aesthetic appeal in the workplace.


Width: 350; Depth: 350; Height: 1850;