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Fraction Infinity Square Meeting Table - White Frame

Original price £370.00 - Original price £445.00
Original price
£370.00 - £445.00
Current price £370.00

Elevate your workspace with our Infinity Tables, a contemporary reimagining of the conventional four-leg table. Designed for collaborative environments and team synergy, these tables feature intermediate legs that seamlessly support larger configurations, fostering teamwork and creativity.

  • Fraction Infinity Meeting Tables: Explore the versatility of our Fraction Infinity square or rectangular meeting tables, perfect for dynamic and collaborative workspaces.
  • Six Wood Finishes: Customize your workspace with our Infinity Tables, available in six stunning wood finishes, allowing you to match your aesthetic preferences effortlessly.
  • Elegant Leg Options: Choose from sleek White and Silver leg options, adding a touch of sophistication to your workspace.
  • Intermediate Leg Design: The innovative intermediate leg design is a game-changer, providing sturdy support for larger tables, making it an ideal choice for collaborative settings.
  • Infinite Configurations: Embrace the freedom of design with popular shapes and sizes, allowing for an infinite number of configurations to suit your workspace requirements.
  • Comprehensive Range: Complement your Infinity Tables with our wide range of tables and storage options, creating a cohesive and functional workspace that meets all your needs.

Modernize your workspace with Infinity Tables, where traditional form meets contemporary function. Experience the perfect balance of style and collaboration, unlocking a world of possibilities for dynamic and innovative work environments.