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Mobile Pedestal

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Maximize your office organization with our space-saving Mobile Pedestal, available in both 2 and 3 drawer configurations. This versatile pedestal is equipped with castors for easy mobility, allowing you to move it around as needed. The 2-drawer version features 1 box drawer and 1 filing drawer compatible with both foolscap and A4 suspension files. The 3-drawer version provides additional storage with a box drawer and two filing drawers.

  • Mobile and Space-Saving: Equipped with castors, this pedestal is easily movable, providing flexibility in office layout and space utilization.
  • Lockable for Security: Ensure the safety of your documents with a lockable design, complete with 2 keys for secure access.
  • Drawer Configuration: The 2-drawer version includes 1 box drawer and 1 filing drawer, while the 3-drawer version features 1 box drawer and 2 filing drawers.
  • Versatile File Compatibility: Accommodate both foolscap and A4 suspension files, ensuring flexibility in your filing system.
  • Durable Construction: Solid back and wooden drawer inners provide durability and stability for long-term use.
  • Smooth Operation: The drawers are equipped with smooth Accuride runners for easy and quiet operation.
  • Anti-Tilt Mechanism: Ensure safety in the workplace with the anti-tilt mechanism, preventing the pedestal from tipping over when multiple drawers are open.
  • Heat and Stain Resistant Finish: The pedestal is finished with a heat and stain-resistant coating, complete with protective edge banding for added durability.
  • Colour Options: Choose from a range of colour options, including beech, nova oak, grey oak, and white, allowing you to match the pedestal with your office decor.

Enhance your office organization with this functional and stylish Mobile Pedestal—a versatile solution for storing documents and office essentials.