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Panel Radial Desk - Left Hand

Original price £290.00 - Original price £330.00
Original price
£290.00 - £330.00
Current price £290.00

The contemporary panel desk is designed for both functionality and aesthetics. Its integrated cable ports, solid leg panels, metal-to-metal fixings, adjustable feet, and additional return contribute to a well-designed and versatile workspace suitable for various office settings. The availability of different top finishes adds an element of customization to match different office decors.

  • Traditional Styling with Integrated Cable Ports: The desk features a contemporary panel design that seamlessly blends into any office environment. It includes integrated grey cable ports, allowing for organized cable management to keep the workspace tidy.
  • Solid Leg Panels to Conceal Wires and Items: Solid leg panels are incorporated into the design, serving the dual purpose of providing stability to the desk and concealing wires and other items beneath the desk. This feature contributes to a clean and organized look.=
  • Metal to Metal Fixings for Strength: The use of metal-to-metal fixings enhances the overall strength and durability of the desk. This ensures that the desk remains stable and can withstand daily use in a busy office environment.
  • Adjustable Feet for Levelling: The desk is equipped with adjustable feet, allowing users to level the desk on uneven floors. This feature ensures stability and provides a balanced working surface.
  • Added Return: Left hand corner desk.
  • Top Available in Multiple Finishes: Variety of top finishes, including Beech, Nova Oak, Grey Oak, and White. This versatility in finishes allows users to choose a style that complements the overall aesthetic of their office space.