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Deco - Visitor Chair

by Teknik
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The Teknik Office Deco Style Visitor Faux Leather Chair is a versatile and stylish seating option that can be used in various settings, including home offices, reception areas, or as a complement to the Deco Executive Swivel chair.

    • Retro Appearance: This chair shares the retro appearance of the Deco Style Executive chair, making it a great match for various desk styles and office interiors. Its classic design adds a touch of elegance to any space.
      • Variety of Colours: The chair is available in a variety of colours, including Black, Red, and White Supple Faux Leather. This colour selection allows you to choose the option that best fits your preferences and complements your decor.
        • Comfortably Padded Backrest and Seat: The chair features a comfortably padded backrest and seat, providing cushioning and support for users. This ensures that visitors can sit comfortably during meetings or in reception areas.
          • Matching (and Removable) Arm Covers: The chair comes with matching arm covers that enhance comfort and can be removed if desired. These arm covers contribute to the chair's cohesive and stylish design.
            • Sleek Chrome Cantilever Frame: The chair is supported by a sleek chrome cantilever frame, which adds a modern and sophisticated touch to its overall appearance.
              • Weight Rating (Up to 100kg): This chair is rated to support users with a weight of up to 100kg, ensuring its durability and stability for various individuals.
                • Up to 5 Hours Moderate Use: The chair is suitable for up to 5 hours of moderate use, making it an excellent choice for short to moderate periods of seating.

                  In summary, the Teknik Office Deco Style Visitor Faux Leather Chair is a versatile and stylish seating solution suitable for different environments. Its retro design, colour options, padded backrest and seat, and removable arm covers make it a comfortable and customizable choice for visitors in home offices, reception areas, or other office settings. The sleek chrome frame enhances its overall aesthetic.


                  Seat Height: 480; Seat Depth: 440; Seat Width: 490;

                  Back Height: 480; Back Width: 490;

                  Overall Width: 570;