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Ergo - Blaster Draughter Chair

by Teknik
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£160.00 - £170.00
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SKU 1100BLU/1163

The Teknik Office Ergo Blaster Standard Drafter chair is an entry-level seating solution designed for tasks that require working at counter height.

  • Counter Height Seating: This chair is specifically designed for tasks or workstations at counter height. It provides the necessary support and comfort for users who need to work at elevated surfaces.
  • Moderate Use: The chair is suitable for up to 5 hours of moderate use. It is well-suited for shorter-duration tasks or activities.
  • Colour Options: The chair is available in a choice of upholstery materials and colours. You can select from Black and Blue Fabric or Black or White Leather PU options, allowing you to choose the one that best fits your workspace's decor.
  • Medium-Sized Backrest: The chair features a medium-sized backrest with height adjustment and hinged tilt. These adjustments enable users to find a comfortable and ergonomic seating position.
  • Tamper-Proof Seat Fixings: The chair is equipped with tamper-proof seat fixings, ensuring that the seat components remain securely in place.
  • Height Adjustable Seat: Users can adjust the chair's seat height to match their work surface. This feature contributes to ergonomic seating and comfort during use.
  • Fixed Footring (Standard Version): The standard version of this chair offers a fixed footring, providing "off floor" support. The footring is at a fixed height and does not adjust.
  • Deluxe Version Available: In addition to the standard version, there is also a deluxe version of this chair. The deluxe version includes a height-adjustable footring and an extended gas lift. The height-adjustable footring allows users to customize the footrest height for a more personalized and ergonomic fit.
  • Fixed Glides: The chair is equipped with fixed glides to prevent it from rolling away. This feature ensures stability and safety while working at a counter-height surface.

The Teknik Office Ergo Blaster Standard Drafter chair is a practical choice for tasks that require counter height seating. It offers options for upholstery and comes in both standard and deluxe versions, providing flexibility to meet various user needs. Whether you choose the standard or deluxe version, this chair is designed to provide comfort and support during tasks performed at elevated workstations.

Dimensions (mm):

Seat Height (basic): 720-850; Seat Height (adjustable): 600-860;

Seat Depth: 460; Seat Width: 460;

Back Height: 330; Back Width: 400;