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Ergo - Twin Draughter Chair

by Teknik
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£170.00 - £180.00
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SKU 2900BLU/1163

Teknik Office Ergo Twin Standard Drafter chair is designed to meet the needs of individuals working at elevated workstations or counters. It offers comfort, lumbar support, and adjustability to accommodate various users and tasks. Users can choose between the standard and deluxe versions based on their specific requirements.

  • Up to 5 Hours Moderate Use: This chair is suitable for use up to 5 hours of moderate use, making it appropriate for tasks that require occasional sitting during a work shift.
  • Available in Blue and Black Fabric: The chair is available in two fabric colour options: blue and black. Users can choose the colour that best matches their preferences or workspace decor.
  • Fixed Footring: The standard version of this chair comes with a fixed footring. A footring provides a convenient place for the user to rest their feet while seated. It's particularly useful for counter work, where users may need to sit at elevated workstations.
  • Floating or Fixed Permanent Contact Backrest: The chair features a backrest with a floating or fixed permanent contact design. This backrest type typically moves and adjusts with the user's body movements, providing ergonomic support. It also includes pronounced lumbar support to promote proper spinal alignment and comfort.
  • Height Adjustable Seat: The chair's seat is height adjustable. Users can raise or lower the seat to achieve an optimal sitting height that suits their needs and the height of the counter or workstation they are working at.
  • Fixed Glides: The chair is equipped with fixed glides, which prevent it from rolling away. This feature is important for ensuring stability and safety, especially in environments where the floor surface may be uneven or where rolling is not desired.
  • Standard Version and Deluxe Version: The chair comes in two versions. The standard version includes a fixed footring, while the deluxe version offers a height-adjustable footring and an extended gas lift. The deluxe version provides additional flexibility and customization for the user's comfort.


Seat Height (basic): 690-840; Seat Height (adjustable): 570-850;

Seat Depth: 440; Seat Width: 460;

Back Height: 500; Back Width: 430;