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Workpro Free Standing 3-Sided Acoustic Screen

Product Type: Made to Order

Product Code: WKP-SCR-247

Delivery Estimate: Up to 8 Weeks

  • £710.50
  • + VAT

Free-standing high acoustic screens can be added to existing furniture and are highly adaptable for use with single desks, desk clusters, worktables and meeting tables. They are designed to rest on the desktop and act as a barrier to prevent the spread of germs through coughing and sneezing, as well as providing the necessary combination of sound absorption and attenuation to control noise in interior environments.

  • Acoustic free-standing high screens designed to add to existing furniture
  • Can be used individually or with add-ons for side-by-side desks
  • Ideal for absorbing sound in open plan office environments
  • Lightweight and easy to install with no brackets required
  • Manufactured from 100% recycled PET bottles and available in 3 colour options
  • Provides a cough and sneeze barrier to reduce the risk of infection

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