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Free Standard delivery for UK Mainland.
Free Standard delivery for UK Mainland.
Essentials for your office!

Essentials for your office!


  1. Sit/Stand Workstation

Height adjustable desks have more benefits than you expect! First and the most important is health. Sitting for long hours in the office can cause back and neck problems as well as weight gain. Switching to a sit and stand desk can improve posture, help to burn calories and promote metal well being! Secondly this type of desk can improve interactions between co-workers. Studies show that people have more willingness to share ideas and are more creative when using standing workstations.

  1. Kneeling Chair

Continuing the health benefits subject, a perfect addition for height an adjustable desk is a kneeling chair. Designed to improve sitting posture by forcing you to sit more upright and arrange more core muscles which can strengthen your body and help to burn extra calories. It’s a perfect alternative to a classic operator chair as they are also very comfortable which allows you to use them for hours.

  1. Wireless Charging Spot

Never again panic about your uncharged mobile! Wireless spots allow you to charge all Qi-enabled devices like iPhones, Samsung etc. Perfect in the reception area where your Visitors can use this perk when waiting and can charge their phones.

  1. Phone Booth

The perfect solution for any busy office. Guaranteed privacy for important phone calls or one to one Zoom meetings without distraction. Maximum comfort is ensured thanks to individual temperature settings and air ventilation. Usually included with a shelf for your laptop and a comfortable stool.

  1. Filling cabinets.

There is no better storage unit then filling cabinets. Complete them with different variety of shelves to keep your documents perfectly organised for easy access. The best solution to improve your office and always keep it tidy. Available in different colours and height to fit any workspace.


Foursquare Workspace are here to help and if you are considering an office refurbishment or are simply looking for some advice on how to configure your workplace then please contact us on 0800 6347 415 or We’d be more than happy to discuss your requirements, provide advice or arrange an accurate quote.

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