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Free Standard delivery for UK Mainland.
Free Standard delivery for UK Mainland.
Essentials for your office!

Essentials for your office!


  1. Adjustable Sit/Stand Workstations:

Elevate your office experience with height-adjustable desks. Beyond improving health by reducing back and neck strain, these desks facilitate weight management. Embrace better posture, burn calories, and enhance mental well-being by transitioning between sitting and standing. Boost creativity and collaboration among colleagues with this ergonomic solution.

  1. Kneeling Chair

Complement your adjustable desk with a kneeling chair for enhanced posture and strengthened core muscles. Elevate comfort while burning calories and fostering better sitting habits. This alternative to traditional operator chairs ensures prolonged comfort during extended work sessions.

  1. Wireless Charging Stations

Say goodbye to the stress of low battery! Our wireless charging spots cater to Qi-enabled devices like iPhones and Samsung phones. Provide visitors in your reception area with a convenient charging perk that keeps them connected while they wait.

  1. Privacy-Enhancing Phone Booths

Maintain productivity in a bustling office with our phone booths, offering a secluded space for crucial calls and focused Zoom meetings. Enjoy customizable comfort with individual temperature controls and effective air ventilation. These booths feature shelves for laptops and comfortable seating.

  1. Efficient Filing Cabinets

Keep your workspace organized with our versatile filing cabinets, complemented by a variety of shelves for easy document access. Optimal storage solutions ensure a tidy office environment. Choose from a range of colors and sizes to suit your workspace perfectly.


For all your office needs, Foursquare Workspace is here to assist you. Whether you're planning an office revamp or seeking advice on workspace configuration, reach out to us at 0800 6347 415 or We're dedicated to discussing your requirements, offering guidance, and providing accurate quotes. Elevate your office setup today!

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